Brand Trust Cannot be Replaced

Brand Story

"Guided by the spirit of 'sharpening the axe to make a needle,' REXOME was born as a motto."

When challenges that seem like a given come our way, we transform them into reality through unwavering passion and effort. The story of REXOME begins with the belief that with perseverance, even on difficult paths, nothing is impossible when undertaken with individuals who possess steadfast determination. The REXOME brand symbolizes the spirit of 'sharpening the axe to make a needle,' representing the will to achieve goals through endurance and patience, even in the midst of challenging processes.

RThe REXOME Series stands as more than mere products; it embodies the culmination of effort and passion. The narrative of REXOME portrays a brand that pursues constant evolution and innovation more than anyone else, showcasing our continuous journey of advancement and growth. Products born from aspirations and diligent efforts towards the future provide customers with enhanced experiences, making our brand an integral part of their journey.

Unafraid of adversity, we embrace change and, through continuous effort, strive to achieve our goals. We invite you to participate in our story and share in the success achieved through unwavering determination and passion.

REXOME embodies the spirit and values of BUMA CE, aspiring to leap forward as a global enterprise, through a concise yet powerful wordmark design. The inclined R aligns with BUMA CE's corporate identity and motif, embodying the determined spirit of the progressive BUMA CE as we move forward.The wordmark, designed to maximize usability when attached to equipment, is primarily based on "Clean Blue," which encapsulates the notion of forging a clean and bright future. Simultaneously, it conveys a strong determination to lead with trust, professionalism, advanced technology, and future industries.

Brand Color System

    Pantone 300 C
    C: 100 M: 50 Y: 0 K: 0
    Pantone 1788 C
    C: 0 M: 85 Y: 90 K: 0
    Pantone 289 C
    C: 100 M: 60 Y: 0 K: 60